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CHARLES I’ANSON, 19th-century Painter
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Charles I'Anson was born in London (Marylebone District, Middlesex) in September 1849 as the first child of Charles I’Anson and Sarah Caroline Matthews.

  • He later became a landscape painter, working in London. 
  • His career as an artist surely started well before 1875, because from that year on he often participated in art exhibitions in London. 
  • Obviously, Charles I'Anson enjoyed a certain reputation as a painter since his works were shown at exhibitions of the Royal Academy, the Royal Society of British Artists, the New Water-Colour Society, the New English Art Club, and other institutions.
  • The favourite subject of his paintings were depictions of imaginative landscapes and coastal sceneries as well as motifs from the Counties of Yorkshire, Hampshire, Suffolk, Sussex, Dorset, and South Wales.
  • His last known activities as a painter date from 1905; though I did not find his date of death, it seems possible that he died that year or short time later.

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C. I'Anson:Watercolour-Marine Scene

http://www.liveauctioneers.com/auctions/ebay/48985  (Source: LiveAuctioneers.com)

Though credited to "C. I. Anson" in the description, this watercolour actually signed "C. I'Anson". 

Charles I'Anson: The Estuary, oil painting

"The Estuary", oil on canvas.

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