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    III.  Views
    Hauwell village looking north
    View of Hauxwell village, looking North. As you can see, it's a very small village these days.
    Hauxwell view
    View of St. Oswald's church, taken from Hauxwell village about half a mile away. The church was in the middle of the village at one time, but many of the original houses were abandoned after the plague, and presumably since then, as people left the countryside to work in the cities.
    Harmby village
    View of Harmby village, home of generations ten, eleven and twelve of my branch of the family (Leonard #204, William #241 and William #286). Leonard and the older William are recorded as being buried in the church of St Michael's Spennithorne, just down the road from here (I couldn't find them though). The younger William moved to nearby Hunton and married Mary Bell, a dressmaker from Arrathorne. They eventually left Yorkshire and moved to Gateshead where my great-grandfather, John Thomas I'Anson was born. 
    The grave of John Thomas I'Anson (generation 13) who died in 1931 in Gateshead. I'm not sure but the grave may also be that of John's father William. This is something I still need to check. It didn't stop raining the whole time I was in Gateshead, this being the day that the hottest-ever temperature in the UK was recorded in London!
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