I'ANSON international

Descendants of William I'Anson of Middleton Quernow
Generations 6 & 7
Generation Six

18John6 I'Anson (John5, John4, John3, John2, William1); b. 23 Jul 1852 at Melmerby, NRY; m. Annie Jane Husband 9 Oct 1877; bur. after 1915.
He appears on the census of 1881 at Howe, York, England

John IAINSON M 28  M Melmerby, York, England
 Rel: Head;  Occ: Farmer Of 210 Employing 4 Men 1 Boy
Annie Jane IANSON (IAINSON) M 29  F Ripon, York, England
 Rel: Wife;  Occ: Farmers Wife
Mary Isabel Kathleen IANSON (IAINSON)   2  F Howe, York, England  Rel: Dau
Dorothy Clare IANSON (IAINSON)   9 m F Howe, York, England  Rel: Dau
Mary IANSON (IAINSON) W 55  F Dishforth, York, England
 Rel: Mother;  Occ: Annuitant
John Henry CLOSE U 18  M Winksley, York, England
 Rel: Servant;  Occ: Farm Servant Ind
Mary Ann TOWLER U 20  F Baldersby, York, England
 Rel: Servant;  Occ: Nurse Dom
Mary STEAD U 19  F Tadcaster, York, England
 Rel: Ser;  Occ: Housemaid Dom
Martha BARKER U 18  F Holme
 Rel: Ser;  Occ: Cook Dom

Known children of John6 I'Anson and Annie Jane Husband were as follows: 

  • i. Mary Isabel Kate7; b. 7 Mar 1879 at Howe, NRY; m. Bertram W. A . Watney 9 Oct 1901.
  • ii. Dorothy Clare; b. 20 Jun 1880 at Howe, NRY.
  • iii. John Francis; b. 1 Jun 1883; d. 20 Sep 1914 at Battle of Aisne at age 31; Capt. in 3rd West Yorkshire Regiment.
  • iv. Nelly Radcliffe; b. 8 Jul 1884.
  • v. Charles Julian de Vaux; m. Eleanor Constance Steel 21 Sep 1910 at Bangalore.

19John W.6 I'Anson (Crispin5, John4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1); baptized circa 1858 at Kingston Upon Hull, ERY; m. Agnes (--?--) before 1880.

Known children of John W.6 I'Anson and Agnes (--?--) were:

  • i. Mary E.7; b. circa 1880 at Kingston Upon Hull, ERY.

20James Langlands6 I'Anson (John5, John4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1); b. 1862 at Dover St., Leeds, WRY; m. Elizabeth Keithley between 1880 and 1893 at Thirsk, NRY.

Known children of James Langlands6 I'Anson and Elizabeth Keithley were as follows: 

  • i. Nellie7; b. after 1880.
  • ii. Margaret Annie; b. after 1880.
  • iii. James Langlands; b. after 1880.
  • iv. Edwin; b. after 1880.
  • v. Grace; baptized 1 Jan 1893 atThirsk, NRY.
  • vi. John Henry; baptized 2 Sep 1894 at Thirsk, NRY.
  • vii. Fred; baptized 6 Sep 1896 atThirsk, NRY.

21John Robert6 I'Anson (John5, John4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1); b. 1865 at Dover St., Leeds, WRY; m. Jane Elizabeth (--?--) before 1894.

Known children of John Robert6 I'Anson and Jane Elizabeth (--?--) were as follows: 

  • i. Henry7; b. after 1894.
  • ii. (--?--); b. after 1895; d. Jul 1976.

  • iii. Arthur; b. circa 1899.
22Jane Isabel(la)6 I'Anson (John5, John4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1) "Jinny;" b. 13 Mar 1879 at Norby, Thirsk, NRY; m. Thomas Henry Wolstencroft of Scarborough 20 May 1899.  She had 3 sons and 5 daughters.  One of these sons is Tom Wolstencroft who produced the I'Anson Times

23John Henry6 I'Anson (Francis5, Francis4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1); b. 16 Nov 1861 at Allhallowgate, Ripon, NRY; m. Harriet Hodgson 21 May 1888 at Holbeck Parish Church, Leeds, WRY; d. 17 Feb 1940 at 27 Kirkdale Crescent, Leeds, WRY, at age 78;  Cardiac failure, Chronic Bronchitis, Chronic Enteritis.

He was a Stonemason in 1881.

Known children of John Henry6 I'Anson and Harriet Hodgson were as follows: 

  • i. Annie7; b. 1889; d. 1901.
  • ii. Florry; b. 1892; d. 1899.

  • iii. Jane; b. 1894; d. 9 Mar 1969.  She was also known as Nellie.
  • iv. Ethel; b. 7 Jun 1895 at 28 David Street, Holbeck, WRY; m. Leopold Henry William Meek 29 Aug 1917 at The parish church of St John and St Barnabus, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY.
  • v. Edith; b. 1897; d. circa 1969.
  • 24. vi. Francis, b. 6 Jan 1900 at26 David Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Mary Ann Purchase.

  • vii. Doris; b. 1902; d. circa 1974.

Generation Seven

24Francis7 I'Anson (John6, Francis5, Francis4, Crispin3, Francis2, William1); b. 6 Jan 1900 at 26 David Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Mary Ann Purchase 26 Jul 1924 at St Johns with St Barnabus parish church, Holbeck, WRY; d. 4 Aug 1948 at St James Hospital, Leeds, WRY, at age 48;  .  Cardiac failure, Mitral stenosis, Pulmonary infaction.

Known children of Francis7 I'Anson and Mary Ann Purchase were as follows: 

  • i. Mavis Kathleen8; b. 4 Feb 1925 at 29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Walter Harry Jackson Dec 1943 at St Matthews Church, Holbeck, Leeds.
  • ii. Barbara Ethel; b. 14 Jun 1926 at 29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY.
  • 25. iii. Francis, b. 15 Dec 1928 at 29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Doreen Dale.
  • 26. iv. Douglas, b. 18 Aug 1931 at29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Patricia Mills; m. Sheila Clark.
  • 27. v. Trevor, b. 9 Dec 1936 at 29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Olive (Harris) Marsden.
  • 28. vi. Ralph, b. 3 Oct 1940 at 29 Chelsea Street, Holbeck, Leeds, WRY; m. Marjorie Bateman.

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