The I’Anson Times

This section is dedicated to the efforts of T.H.Wolstencroft, who edited and published the first “I’ANSON TIMES” in 1976-80 from Whaley Bridge, Stockport, England, and whose original header is used here.

That first effort at uniting the I’Ansons clan in an I’Anson Society was difficult to circulate and publicise at that time.
We have tracked down seven issues of Tom’s newsletters which we believe may be the complete set of the I’ANSON TIMES which you can download using the links below.

Here are links to read or download the seven issues that we have;

IATimes No1 Jan 1976

IATimes No2 May 1976

IATimes No3 Sep 1976

IATimes No4 Jan 1977

IATimes No5 Sept 1977

IATimes No6 Mar 1979

IATimes No7 1980

If you have any further copies, please contact us!